Enjoy your right now!

Its October. Wasn’t it January 0.5 seconds ago?
It’s unbelievable that time goes by so fast.
I never put the saying “Enjoy every second of every moment ” into perspective of my own life until those moments of enjoyment were no longer with me.
Right now. Right this second. Right this minute. Right this hour. You will never get it ever again .
There will never be an October 14th , 2019 ever again. Because there is only one year that is 2019. Because there is only one year that you will be starting High School as a scared , overwhelmed and nervous Freshman .
Because there is only one year that you will walk along your High School hallways as a confident, proud and excited Senior . Because there could be that one amazing Summer that will change your life forever.
There could be that one day in where all you remember doing was just looking at the stars and enjoying that moment .
It’s only one. 
There are occasions (though they are rare) in which we get to live the most amazing moments in our lives all over again . But unfortunately, they will never be the same as the first time that we lived them. So Enjoy everything that is happening to you right now. So much that when you look back at those moments you can say “I enjoyed that moment with all of my heart”. Even if it’s a bad moment. God will never put you through something that you can’t handle.
It’s almost the end of 2019. We will never get 2019 ever again .
Enjoy these last few moments of the one year that is 2019 to the absolute fullest.
And enjoy the now that you have . Every second , every minute, and every hour of it.

Life On Amor

So for a couple of days

I have grown in ways that I never thought that I could. 

That’s how life works isn’t it? Life is a mysterious path of unpredictable roads. But that’s the beauty of it to.

There will be times in where you will be in love with everything that is happening in your life. 

Where you will experience your first love. Where you will be so in love that it seems that because of that love , you can conquer anything just as long as you have that person right by your side.

That feeling is one of the best feelings that one can ever feel.

But having that feeling be taken away is something unimaginable. It’s a thought that could never go through your head because you are so in love with that person that you would think nothing could ever go wrong.

Then you begin to realize that maybe what you thought was meant to be was not meant to be for you in that specific time.

And that’s ok. Because that just means that there is something even better for your life coming up.

But how could you think that there is something much better than what you thought was going to be your forever ?

That’s the beauty of having faith.

Faith in the fact that you can only climb higher from here.

Faith in the fact that God has got you in the palm of His hand.

Faith in the fact that you can be ok with waiting just a bit longer .

And that is the true beauty of patience .

It’s not easy . It hurts and can be unbearable sometimes .

But once that final reward that seemed like an impossible dream finally comes into your life , the patience will be forever be worth it .